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    death row is back


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    death row is back

    Message par Kletcher le Sam 1 Aoû - 20:59 (de la bouche de Daz lui meme)

    Entire Death Row Roster Re-Signs To Neu-Ro Records to Re-Launch DPG

    London based entrepreneur and former worldwide partner of Death Row, Ron Winter, and platinum producer Daz Dillinger announced the formation of a joint venture entitled Neu-Ro Records to specialize in Death Row music and record, produce and release Death Row catalog and former Death Row artists. The label announced that it has essentially resigned all of the original first generation Death Row artists and that Snoop will executive produce all projects with Daz. The artists associated with the joint venture will include, Daz, Kurupt, Snoop, Nate Dogg, Soopafly, Lady of Rage, Big Pimpin Delemond, RBX, C-Style, G-Funk Twinz, and various other DPG artists. The projects slated for release are intended to be the best of the old and the new from all of these artists and group touring is expected to be worldwide following the release of a Hollywood style Documentary Movie and Soundtrack about the Death Row experience entitled: “Dat Was Then --Dis is Now” which is expected to rival the success of the Tupac documentary. Original Death Row cartoonist and graphic artist, Joe Cool, who is Daz and Snoop’s cousin, has also signed on to set up and create a merchandise line featuring the original Dogg Pound characters, including the first ever Urban Children’s book division based on such characters with first release: “Snoop Dogg’s Where’s the Cheese?” Ron Winter met with the team on Snoop Dogg’s Simply Stupid Tour recently where the parties entered a Memorandum of Understanding in respect of which millions of dollars were committed. Daz said: “Ron Winter knows the brand and how important the brand is and how important it is to have the artists who developed the brand to jointly assist in running the operation.” Ron said: “I could not pass up an opportunity to continue the success of the Death Row’s operations after Suge withdrew and the catalog fell into hands of banker types.” The company’s breath will be world wide with offices in Los Angeles and London with its operations overseen by Ron Winter, and Daz/Snoop, and Bret Lewis (legal) and BigA (promotions) and distribution will be through Universal. /Users/BossDogg/Desktop/thadoggpoundthatwathenthisisnowfront.jpg

    As promised, Death Row is opening its vault and your free downloads are now ready for you.Click to preview the track or go right to the download link. Stay tuned to for constant updates and announcements of future releases From The Vault.
    © Copyright 2009 WIDEawake Death Row Entertainment, LLC.

    1. Jewell - Back In Bed Again
    2. Lady of Rage - Raw Deal
    3. Lady of Rage, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Daz - Rough Rugged And Raw
    4. Lady of Rage - Sho Shot
    5. Tha Dogg Pound - I Roc Mics
    6. Kurupt - That's My

    "All 6 tracks, converted to max quality vbr mp3 format (rar file)"

    that's my c'est une putain outro quoi.

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