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    The Game- L.A.X.(preview)


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    The Game- L.A.X.(preview)

    Message par Admin le Sam 12 Juil - 11:55

    Tracklist L.A.X. Album Preview

    1. L.A.X

    Produced by JR Rotem

    Big intro, he spits some BARS on this track talks about being gangster, very west coast bouncy production!

    2. State Of Emergency feat Ice Cube

    Produced by JR Rotem

    beat again, very west coast, another big tune, the only thing I could
    have asked more for was a verse from Ice Cube - he was only on the
    chorus ‘California ain‘t a state it‘s an army‘(they didn’t play the
    whole track so he might have a verse at the end hopefully). Game has
    stepped his lyrics up even more so far on this album.

    3. Dope Boys

    Produced by 15 or Nothin’

    not gonna lie when I first heard this track I wasn’t impressed, but I
    think I must have gone mad cos this track is a BANGER! Most people
    would have heard this track already it’s got a very rocky feel with
    Travis Barker on the drums.

    4. House Of Pain

    Produced by Dj Toomp

    was one of the standouts for me, guitar rocky beat again. Game has
    definitely stepped up lyrically on this album. Another bouncy track
    with a load of quotables. Dj Toomp done his job with the beat!

    5. Heaven

    Produced by Jelly Roll

    standout this track is serious, Game does some singing on the chorus.
    This could be a single for me a more introspective track than what’s
    been heard so far.

    6. My Life feat: Lil Wayne

    Produced by Cool & Dre

    is the next single, another introspective track. Talks about The Game’s
    struggles in his life. Very serious. Lil Wayne’s singing on the hook
    ‘Dear lord you took so many of my people but why havn’t you taken my
    life’. Beats serious as well very dark piano beat

    7. Bullet Proof Diaries feat Raekwon

    Produced by Jell Roll

    funky westcoast beat. Another standout. Raekwon does his thing on this.
    The chorus reminds me of the Ruff Ryders ’World War 3’ track - ‘Where
    you from, New York’…………BIG TUNE

    8. Cali Sunshine

    Produce by Nottz

    track is ok, I think I might have to hear it again The Game`s talking
    about 50 getting robbed, Suge Knight getting punched up. For me Nottz
    is a serious producer but I wasn’t really feeling this track it might
    be a grower though.

    9. Never Say Goodbye

    Produced EP

    highlight. At the start Biggie’s talking about his shock of hearing
    Eazy E death. Then it cut’s to the radio talking about the death of
    Biggie and Tupac. First verse The Game raps with Tupac’s flow and
    second verse he spits like Biggie, he SMASHES it! They faded out the
    track after the second chorus so I’m not sure if he does another verse.

    10. Ye Heard feat Ludacris

    Produced by Nottz

    track is SERIOUS! The beat is stupid, probably the best beat on the
    album for me. Very Funky bouncy beat. The Game does his thing
    lyrically, he talks about being looked over and being too gangster to
    win a grammy but Ludacris SMASHES IT, one of the verses of the year for
    me, too many quotable ‘So many flags I thought I was in Russia…….’

    11. Gentlemans’ Affair feat Neyo

    Produced by JR Rotem

    be honest I thought this was the weakest track for me, it’s got a
    mellowy summery vibe. It’ll probably do well on radio but I wasn’t
    really feeling it compared to the tracks I heard before.

    12. Angel feat Common

    Produced by Kanye West

    I saw the line-up for this I thought this track would be SERIOUS but at
    first it didn’t grab me, the beat didn’t sound like a Kanye West beat
    at all, it followed the west coast bouncy production of the rest of the
    tracks. Common and The Game done their thing lyrically and I think it
    was john Legend on the chorus. Everyone else in the room was feeling
    this track though to be fair, it’ll probably grow on me(still a big
    tune though I was just expecting a classic)

    13. Camera Phone feat Neyo

    Produced by Cool & Dre

    This sounds like it could definitely be a single, I could imagine this being huge, double time beat.

    14. Money

    Produced by Cool & Dre

    one is definitely for the streets, similar vibe to Rick Ross ‘Push It’,
    talks about money. This will be BIG another highlight! I could imagine
    rappers freestyling over this beat on mixtapes for years!

    15. Breaking Rules feat Busta Rhymes

    Produced by Scott Storch

    beat, everyone in the room was feeling this track. Got a similar vibe
    to ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See’. Good track

    16. Letter To The King feat Nas

    Produced by Hi-Tek

    of my favourite tracks. The track is an ode to Martin Luther King and
    the civil rights movement. Very introspective, they both talk about
    when they were younger overlooking the struggle but now realising the
    power. The beat is crazy, Hi Tek does his job. Nas and The Game make
    great tracks together, they both have featured on each others current
    and previous albums and each track for me has been a standout!

    Pain - they didn’t play Pain because everyone’s heard it all ready

    Big Dreams - The people at Universal said this maybe a bonus track their not sure at the moment

    L.A.X is in stores August 25th in the Uk. August 26th in US

    Wilson Fisk

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    Re: The Game- L.A.X.(preview)

    Message par Wilson Fisk le Sam 12 Juil - 12:02

    The Game > 50 Cent.

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    Re: The Game- L.A.X.(preview)

    Message par Goldpussy le Dim 13 Juil - 21:33

    Ron Simmons a écrit:The Game > 50 Cent.

    fo'sho my nezzo!

    bon ca à l'air pas dégueux tout ca.

    the game et Nas c'est une affaire qui roule.

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    Re: The Game- L.A.X.(preview)

    Message par rocaman le Lun 14 Juil - 13:44

    ca sort pas avant aout ???
    il est dispo sur le net ou pas ?

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    Re: The Game- L.A.X.(preview)

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